Ninjarockstar.dev is the personal blog of Jesse Breneman, mainly focused on the design side of frontend engineering. You can expect to find a lot of random tips on CSS and JavaScript, primarily driven by things I come across in my day job or when working on things like this blog. I have plans for future content, but for now it's just blog posts as it strikes my fancy!

What's with the name?

Essentially, it's an in joke with some of my developer friends.

Back in the day, a lot of developer job ads would talk about wanting a "rockstar developer" or a "coding ninja", so my friends and I would joke a lot about being "ninja rockstar developers" or "rockstar ninja developers". When the .dev TLD was released, one of them told me I should buy the domain and, well, the rest is history I suppose.

How's this site built?

This site uses Nuxt 3 using Nuxt Content to enable writing blog posts via markdown. Embedded demos in posts are just Vue components that I build for each post, something that Nuxt Content makes easy to do.

It's designed by me and uses a combination of Vue's scoped styles and SCSS for styling, with all styles being written by me rather than relying on a component library.

For hosting, I'm using static site generation to just prerender the entire site to static files and then hosting it on Netlify.